Foil Simulation in OpenFOAM

I was working on a job for a client today where the ultimate goal is cavitation simulation over propellers and am posting the images here as the pressure traces on the suction side of the foil looked cool. Its an idealised foil that we are starting with before moving onto their target foil shapes. The vorticity visualised with Q-criterion is also interesting but you can clearly see the refinement zones – it is, after all, a preliminary mesh with relatively low – only 7M – cells. Simulation details are:

  • OpenFOAM 1806+
  • simpleFoam solver
  • mesh from CFD-VisCART
  • Free stream 6.6 m/s
  • Water, ρ=1000 kg/m3, ν=1×10-6 m2/s
Pressure distribution on the suction side of an idealised propeller.

Unfortnatelu the simulation diverged but that’s the way it goes: investigate and improve.

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