GPUSPH V5 Released

GPUSPH Version 5 was released a few days ago and I’m excited to give it a go. The full release notes are available on their site but some of the highlights are:

  • possibility to create GPUSPH simulation scenarios using the SALOME platform;
  • Hu & Adams formulation for multi-fluid support;
  • additional models for the viscous contribution to the Navier–Stokes equations (Monaghan, Español & Revenga);
  • more sophisticated specification of the viscous model options, including separate specifications for the turbulence model, averaging operator and fluid rheology;
  • support for several non-Newtonian rheologies including Bingham plastic, granular rheology, and the Herschel–Bulkley and DeKee & Turcotte rheological models;
  • versioned interface to define simulation scenarios, with XProblem corresponding to Problem API version 1;
  • experimental support for a repacking phase before the simulation starts.

I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into this and seeing how it goes.

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